Creating requests

Support requests are created using the form at the link:

Filling in the fields:

Interaction with the support service:

When contacting the support service, the same rules apply as when communicating on all project resources.

On the page you can view the entire list of open requests and their history.

Sometimes requests require additional information in order to process them. Accordingly,the administration may ask you to add something to them.

If the request is no longer relevant, then close it yourself without waiting for the administration to start dealing with it.

What you don't need to write about:

  • Disappeared/escaped/lost creatures/things. Find it yourself. The administration will not search for them for you. It won't restore it either.
  • I was thrown out/lagged/the game broke and something was missing. You can ask Discord for advice about errors.

Terms of response to user requests and obligations:

We try to respond to user requests as quickly as possible, but this does not always happen within the time frame that we and you want. In the standard case, the reaction is received within a day, but it can take up to a week.
If your request was not answered or closed within a week, you can create a new request with the same content (you may have missed it or lost it).
At the same time, please note that the administration does not bear any responsibility at all other than responsibility to its own conscience =)